2015 ~ 31st July-3rd August Kirkcudbright Art & Craft Trail

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A selection from Ruthie's sketch a day project.
In 2015 during the trail, Ruthie was at venue 16, the historical 'Broughton House', working and exhibiting in the studio artist EA Hornel used to work in (a wonderful personal experience for Ruthie as she has long adored the work of this acclaimed artist).

During the exhibition Ruthie's shared her latest project, the 'Sketch-a-day" challenge that she set herself at the beginning of the year.

The challenge began as a personal one, but soon became much larger as Ruthie set up a 'Sketch a day' Facebook group, in the hope that it would encourage her to stick to the task for the 365 days!

The group now has over 60 members from all around the world. It proved so popular that numbers have had to be limited as the group was overwhelmed with requests of people wanting to join. Every day a new topic is posted to be interpreted freely and then shared on the page.

Ruthie says ' It is a place where we can share our sketches done for the days topic and encourage each other in the process. I am loving the challenge and discovering there is something very inspiring about doing this with others. Last year I tried it by myself and lasted only a week. I have learnt so much and developed my style in leaps and bounds trying to tackle subjects I would normally avoid and look forward to the next days topic with glee.'

Also on display was a wide selection of Ruthie's originals, prints, cards and some sculptures.

You can read more abut Ruthie's Sketch~a~day project over on her blog here.