2017 Sept 'Illustrate' Exhibition, Wigtown

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This exciting exhibition “Illustrate” was all about illustration!

There were seven illustrators taking part, and on display the books they have worked on, or are working on. There will be sketches and images from the projects along with the finished books.

Ruthie has been working together with local storyteller Susi Briggs to produce a new children's story book called 'Nip Nebs' - Jack Frost. The result of this collaboration was originally shown at the Illustrate exhibition.

Nip Nebs was developed from Susi's childhood memories of her father telling her to keep her socks on or Nip Nebs (Jack Frost) would nip her toes. She recalled the fascination she felt watching the frost form on her bedroom window on a winter’s night and in response Susi wrote a story poem about this captivating character.

When Ruthie first heard a reading of the poem Nip Nebs she was so enchanted by Susi's’ use of the Scots language, that she was inspired to work with her to bring the story to life through her art and to work on a collaborative project to produce the children’s picture book ‘Nip Nebs’

The show will ran alongside Wigtown Book Festival.